Permanent & Traveling Camps

Water Ski Wakeboard Nova Scotia has been providing traveling summer camps for the past 30 years. In our traveling camps, our boats and certified coaches travel from lake to lake to provide lessons in towed water sports around Nova Scotia. 

Morris Lake is our new permanent location. This will not only double the amount of spots available, but more importantly it allows us to implement our Skiability program for disabled athletes.

We are hoping this change will increase the growth and availability of towed water sports in Nova Scotia.

More info about our summer camps​:


  • Spaces in summer camps are very limited due to facility, equipment and coaching limitations.

  • Summer camps are small weekly summer day-camp programs run by Water Ski Wakeboard NS.

  • Participants range from beginner to advance: ages 6-18.  Maximum 10 participants per camp.

  • Our traveling camps generally run from Monday to Friday 8:30am-4:30pm in July and August.

  • Our permanent camps generally run from Monday to Thursday 8:30am-4:30pm in July and August.

  • All equipment is provided, including boat, skis, wakeboards, life jackets, etc.

  • ​Participants should bring their own lunch, snacks, water, bathing suit, 2 towels, sunscreen, hat and warm clothes.

  • When participants are not skiing or wakeboarding, they will be able to be in the boat to watch or play games and swim on shore.

  • Three certified coaches work at the summer camps at all times.  This provides for two coaches in the boat and one on land. 



What should your child bring with them to the camp?


• Life Jacket: If your child has a life jacket that fits properly please send it with them (WSWNS has some life jackets if your child doesn’t have one)


• Towel


• WATER!! 




• Hat


• Dress appropriately for the weather: Please send your child with changes of clothes just in case of an unexpected circumstance (weather etc)


• Lunch/Snack: Food is not provided so please send your child with enough food for the day (8:30am-4:30pm)


• If your child has any games or entertainment they wish to bring for when they are on land during rest times, that is always welcome





• Water skiing is a very taxing sport and requires rest between sets for the muscles to recover. Your child may be very tired in the evenings or at the end of the week. 




• WSWNS Cancellations: Camp cancellation is rare and only occurs during extreme weather conditions (thunder and lightning, heavy rain/wind) or unforeseen circumstances. You will be refunded for the portion of the cancelled day. 


• Participants Cancellations:  A doctors note is required for a refund when a child doesn’t attend the camp as planned. 




Coming to a lake near you



Morris Lake

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